Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bocas del Toro, I'm sorry I never gave you a chance

Am starting to get bored of my broken rib now. Not a whole lot I can do on an island with this thing. Can't swim, so can't snorkel, can't paddle a kayak, can't even lie down on the sand comfortably. Am executing the sidewards-roll manouvre to get up and am feeling like a bit of a dick! So... decided to leave Bocas del Toro after only a day. Heard great things about this place when I left (always the way) but didn't feel like hanging round for very long when I was there. Felt nearly twice the age of everyone in the dorm too (where are all the old bastards?).

And...I wanna know...why does everyone working in hostels on the coast always have such an attitude problem. They're so busy being cool it's like they're doing you a favour if they serve you, let alone smile (unless you're 15 and half naked of course). It doesn't seem to happen so much inland. It must be something in the water...

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