Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adios Costa Rica... Hola Panama

Arrived solo in San Jose, had no idea where to go. Landed in a typical backpacker hostel. Really wished I could afford my own room. Checked out a couple of cool contemporary art galleries, walked downtown (ugly, ugly), and walked past a comtemporary dance company in practice. Got the feeling that there'd be a nice creative vibe in this city, that the average tourist would never get to witness. I saw it only by peeking through a semi-closed curtain.

Got to the bus stop without a ticket just as the sun was busting a move, and got the last seat on the bus. Fate was in agreeance with me that I should get out of this town.

The border crossing was cruisy, friendly and practically trouble free. My only gripe is that the bus drove off ahead of us, leaving us to walk across the border in the pouring rain, only to get back on board 200m further down...wet!

Decided to jump straight on another bus when I landed n Panama and head out to the cooler mountain climate of Boquete. Arrived in the late arvo, and checked in to a crazy hostel (where the owner made me feel like I had ADD too).

Already feel more relaxed in this seemingly pretty town.

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